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Friedman Memorial Airport

Airport Identification Badge (AIB) Appointment Scheduler

Contact your company’s Authorized Signatory (AS) prior to scheduling an appointment. Your AS must submit your Airport Identification Badge (AIB) application via the Authorized Signatory portal to the Badging Office before you can schedule an appointment.

Step 1: Select the Appointment Type from the dropdown list. (Appointments must be scheduled twenty-four hours in advance.)
Step 2: Using the Calendar select the Date and Time. The Calendar shows open times in white background. Grayed times are taken.
Step 3: Enter Personal Information (Name, Email, Phone# and Employer Name). Fields marked * are mandatory. Appointment reminders are sent to mobile phones 24 hours in advance.
Step 4: Review the appointment details in the “Booking Review” section.
Step 5: Confirm the validation language.
Step 6: Click “Submit” to sending the appointment request.

Note: you will receive a pending email first followed by either a Confirmation or Cancellation email from the FMA Badging office.  If the appointment is confirmed, no further action is required, you have to show up 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled time at the FMA badging office. If the appointment is cancelled, you can follow the same scheduler steps to reschedule for another date and time.

Please Read Carefully:  Airport Badging – Terms and Conditions: 

Friedman Memorial Airport
Airport Badging Office Procedures


Your request for access at the Friedman Memorial Airport (FMA) will require that you take the following steps:

  1. Applicants must schedule an onsite appointment with the FMA badging office. (Appointments must be scheduled twenty-four hours in advance, walk-in not permitted.
    • Log into Appointment Scheduler, select an activity, date, and time.
    • All appointment requests will be followed by a confirmation e-mail notification, appointments are not valid without the confirmation.
  1. Walk-ins are no longer permitted; all badging activities must be scheduled.
    • Allow approximately one hour to complete the application process.
    • Come to your appointment with the required personal identification, i.e. Driver’s License and ONE of the following forms of personal identification: Passport, Social Security Card, or Birth Certificate.
    • AIB processing fees will apply, please come prepared with a check or credit card (credit card processing fees apply). Prior arrangements for direct billing can be made. Cash will no longer be accepted.
    • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Threat Assessment (STA) will take approximately ten to fourteen days to process. You will be notified upon receipt of approved STA.
    • New Enrollments – All required FAA/TSA training must be completed prior to AIB issuance. You will receive instructions from the Airport Badging Office.
    • Failure to comply with the above requirements appointment(s) may need to be re-scheduled.
Airport Staff Contacts:
Airport Badging Office
Phone: 208-788-4956 X107
Becca Lynn, Trusted Agent (TA)
Airport Trusted Agent
Phone: 208-788-4956
Nick Carnes, TA
Airport Trusted Agent
Phone: 208-788-4956
Steve Guthrie, ASC
Airport Security Manager
Phone: 208-788-4956
Badging Office Hours:
Monday thru Thursday (Closed Friday)
By Appointment Only – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (walk ins NOT permitted)
Airport Security (link) –

Online Appointment Scheduler –

Please Note: All appointments require confirmation via E-mail notification. If canceled or not confirmed please choose an alternate time, Appointment Scheduler.

Appointments must be scheduled twenty-four hours in advance.